Level “C”

At this level, all the techniques studied in the previous two levels are discussed in detail. Alternative ways of climbing and sawing are practiced. Alternative ways of transporting goods are also practiced. Advanced rescue techniques are being studied.

– 16 hours of theory and 16 hours of practice (4 days)

Theoretical part:
– Reducing the load on the crown of the tree when working with loads;
– Alternative cutting techniques in the crown of the tree;
– Rescue techniques for advanced.

Practical part:
– Working with alternative devices for placing a rope in the tree;
– Rope movement (advanced techniques);
– Working with a chainsaw (advanced techniques);
– Construction and use of vertical and inclined trolley lines for cargo transport;
– Work with alternative rubbing devices and winches;
– Rescue (advanced techniques).

Conditions for admission to the course:
– Paid participation fee;
– Documented 500 hours of woodwork from the date of the level “B” exam;
– Medical certificate from a personal physician for the possibility of working at height – sample;
– Valid certificate for completed course for working with a chainsaw at height.