Level “A”

This is the first step in training to work in trees. The material that is mastered at this level is basic and the training at all subsequent levels is built on it. The topics and the way of conducting the exercises are chosen so that they are accessible to people who have never done work at height before.

– 8 hours of theory and 52 hours of practice (5 days + exam day)

Theoretical part:
– Ropes and knots;
– Personal protective equipment and work with them;
– Specific equipment for working on trees and working with them;
– Algorithm for accident actions.

Practical part:
– Placing and removing a rope from the tree;
– Movement on the rope;
– Positioning for work;
– Cutting technique;
– Movement in the tree;
– Rescue.

Conditions for admission to the course:
– Paid participation fee
– Medical certificate from a personal physician for the possibility of working at height