“Amateur” level

A weekend walk out of town combined with climbing a remarkable tree is a great option for spending free time. It is also an excellent workout, as climbing trees increases endurance, strength and flexibility. Climbing itself can also be a challenge to the imagination and physical capabilities, because the paths to the top can be many and varied. And of course, at the top you will find peace of mind from everyday stress and the view.

In order to be able to practice tree climbing safely, you need training and special equipment. The content at the “Amateurs” level is selected to provide exactly the knowledge you need to fully enjoy climbing. All additional elements that are studied for work have been removed. This affects both the price of the course and its duration (three days).

This course is extremely suitable for professionals in other fields, such as photographers, ornithologists, cameramen and others.

You do not need to have your own equipment to climb a tree – we can give you the opportunity to rent a complete set with everything you need. And if you have no idea where – and for that we have some suggestions.