Level “B”

At this level the ways of removing trees and working with loads are studied. Work is done both in the wood and on the ground. Various rescue techniques are studied, with special attention. This part of the course includes working with “cats” and a chainsaw in the crown of the tree.

– 8 hours of theory and 52 hours of practice (5 days + exam day)

Theoretical part:

– Work with heavy loads;
– Safety measures when working with a chainsaw in the crown of the tree;
– Rescue techniques for advanced.

Practical part:
– Placing a rope in the tree (advanced techniques);
– Rope movement (advanced techniques);
– Working with a chainsaw (for two and one hand);
– Working with cats and positioning strap;
– Lowering heavy loads;
– Rescue (when working in the crown of the tree and when working with cats).

Conditions for admission to the course:
– Paid participation fee;
– Documented 300 hours of woodwork as of the date of the Level “A” exam;
– Medical certificate from a personal physician for the possibility of working at height – sample;
–  Valid certificate for completed course for working with a chainsaw at height.