Working in trees is different from all other occupations involving rope work. It has its own specific features that make it very risky and every mistake is expensive. And sometimes the price is the health and even the life of the worker.

Tree training includes the acquisition of theoretical and practical skills for proper and safe work, as well as for assistance in the event of an accident. This ensures that you will be able to perform each task safely and professionally. In addition, the correct work techniques save the energy of the worker and allow a significant reduction in working time.

Urban Tree Care is the first company in Bulgaria to offer training in arboriculture. The levels of training are in line with those in the leading European countries (Germany, Austria) and are coordinated with the Association of Arborists in Bulgaria. We also offer training for obtaining world certificates, with which you can work this complex but interesting profession abroad.

Whether you are a business owner who wants to retrain your workers, a rope professional who wants to try something new or you just find woodworking interesting and want to become an expert in the field – do not hesitate to contact us!